Visitor Information

Directions to Asheville High School:

    • Take I-40 to Exit 50(B), the Biltmore Estate Exit. Follow the signs to Biltmore Estate.
    • At the second stoplight, bear to the left. You will pass the Biltmore Estate o­n the left and a McDonald’s o­n the right.
    • Stay straight across a long bridge.
    • On the other side, you will see the lights from the football stadium. The entrance to the school is just past the stadium o­n the left.
    • The school is less than 2 miles from the interstate. From the school entrance, you will be directed to visitor parking.

The school address is:

419 McDowell Street Asheville, NC 28803


Street Map provided by Asheville High School is between McDowell Street and Victoria Road, bordering AB-Tech Community College. Event parking is also available by entering the student parking lot at the rear of the school from Victoria Road. Additional Football parking is available o­n the AB-Tech Community College Campus.


Visitor Accommodations


Located within a 2 mile radius of the school are most major fast-food restaurant chains. Most are near the interstate exit. Upscale restaurants can be found in the Biltmore Village area, also near the interstate before crossing the bridge to get to the campus.



Also located in close proximity to the school around the I-40 exit are several hotels in the Biltmore area.


The Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau has information about where to stay, where to eat, and more. Their website is: