Located on campus for many years and having been renovated and reoriented at least 3 times, the Asheville High School baseball field recently received major renovations that were completed in 2002. With large, brand new dugouts, a spacious climate-controlled press box with plenty of room for several media outlets, a new scoreboard, sprinkler system, increased seating capacity, handicapped accessibility, storage facilities, and restroom/concession stand access, the new baseball field is
a vast improvement over the old facility.
At the beginning of the 2003 season, the American Legion Post 70 graciously donated a flagpole placed in centerfield.

Field Dimensions:
Right Field: 315
Left Field: 315
Center: 360
Power Alleys: 345
Fence Height: 8 feet

Parking for the baseball field is accessed from Victoria Road. Enter the Football stadium gate at the home side adjoining the AB-Tech campus.


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